About us


ComOp (Commodity Optimisation) is focused on doing more with less; operating within a global landscape marked by escalating resource scarcity.

We are a fully-integrated, front-to-back commodity optimisation enterprise whose operations are focused on strategically navigating the realms of venture capital funding within the AgriTech sector, alongside astute involvement in the creation and trading of carbon credits.

With continued investing in AgriTech companies that provide efficiencies by using less water, fertilizers, and labour, we achieve a double advantage; conserving limited resources and helping the environment by reducing pollution across land, water and the oceans.

As we see increasing scarcity of resources including water, nitrates, and phosphates, ComOp seeks companies globally that we believe can make a difference in terms of their use of commodities.

We believe that profitability, combined with the desire to create a fairer world is at the heart of/is the route to establishing a financial services sector that is focused on commodity optimisation.

Meet the team

ComOp is focused on several key areas of commodity optimisation, with a view to generate revenue streams via the creation of carbon credits. This includes:

  • early-stage companies to provide seeding where they can reduce or optimise the use of increasingly scarce commodities such as water, labour, feed, fertilizers or increase or optimise the output
  • projects that utilise these early-stage companies or other companies to verify and certify carbon credits and create carbon credits
  • we are developing the creation of an exchange, designed to pair verified and certified carbon credits with buyers in order to provide the ‘good actor’ certainty that is required by the industry.


Since its inception, ComOp has included Proveye in its portfolio. Proveye leads sustainable agriculture innovation with AI-powered digital imagery, delivering precision intelligence to revolutionize crop management and enhance food security.

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